Historical Studies 

CH231Introduction to Church History  (3)

This is the first course on the history of the church from its inception.  It contains Ancient History from 5BC to AD590, Medieval History  from AD590 to 1517, and Modern History from 1517 to the present.  It also presents to the students the challenges, the struggles, and the life and death of the founding fathers of the  Christian Church as they embraced, lived, fought and died for the Faith we have now.

CH331 Wesleyan History and Organization (3)

This course presents the origin, formation and development of the Wesleyan Church and its doctrine, beginning with its founder in the year 1789, the formation in the eighteenth century up to the present.  It will major on the Caribbean Churches and the Wesleyan Church’s development in this region.  The Constitution of Wesleyan Church is very important and ought to be understood by all Wesleyans.