Academic Dean

The Academic Dean is the chief Academic officer, and matters concerning academic policy should be directed to that office. The officer also prepares and supervises the delivery of the academic program and curricula of the college.

Academic Records

The Registrar answers questions concerning records, schedules, transfers, transcripts, etc.


The faculty includes full-time, part-time, adjunct and visiting lecturers, the professional library personnel, and the Dean of Students.

Degrees and Minors Offered

CWC offers courses leading to the degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education, Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Pastoral Ministry, Associate of Arts in Christian Ministries.

Degree programmes can be done with any of the following Minors: Minor in Christian Leadership; Minor in Pastoral Counseling. Each requires 18 additional courses in the field of specialization. Students make request for this program in the second semester of second year, by discussing and finalizing with the Academic Dean; students then inform the Registrar.

Course Duration

Full-time programs vary from four years for the regular Bachelor’s Degree to two years for the Associate Degree and the Continuing Education Bachelor’s. The academic year consists of two 15-week semesters; however, before the beginning of the Fall Semester and the beginning and end of Spring Semester there are two-week Intensives, courses which cannot be accommodated in the semester.

Part-time students would take a longer time to complete.

Certificate Courses Offered

  1. CWC Leadership Training Institute (LTI) in collaboration with the Evangelical Training Association (ETA) based in the USA offers training for the lay ministers of the Church. The structure of the program includes 4 Levels; each level consisting of 4 courses per year for 4 years, with a certificate given at the end of each year once that level is completed.
  2. Clergy Development Programme (CDP) offers a Certificate in Christian Ministry for Lay Ministers/Pastors who have been pastoring for a number of years but received no training, and because of age, aptitude, or other extenuating circumstances it is impossible or impractical for them to pursue a degree in theology.


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FALL SEMESTER                                                                                              SPRING SEMESTER


PCCTT 431 Counselling Theories and Techniques                                       PCG 431 Group Counselling (3)

PCI 431 Pastoral Crisis Intervention                                                            (3)PCAD 432 Children & Adolescents Counselling (3)

PCE431 Ethical & Professional Issues in Couns.                                           PCP 432 Pastoral Counselling Practicum (3)


The student will cover The Counseling Practicum and 5 more Core courses. These are in addition to the regular degree programme; and cannot be used again for another aspect of the program.

The Counseling Practicum has to be authorized by the Academic Dean. Plans for the program and student placement are worked out by the Counseling faculty in close collaboration with the Academic Dean. Placements will be arranged with the consideration of allowing the student a good range of counseling exposure and experience; the student will be required to cover one hundred and fifty (150) contact hours. Students are not permitted to plan their own placement, and will not be allowed to do the program if they do not satisfy