Theological Studies

TH131 Doctrine of Holiness (3)

This course presents the study of Christian Perfection focusing on its biblical, doctrinal, experiential and practical dimensions.  Some attention will also be given to conflicting theories and objections to this doctrine.

TH232 Introduction to Theology  (3)

This course investigates the nature and sources of theology, the nature and historical interpretation of Christian faith, the doctrines of God, the Holy Trinity, man, sin, and the atonement.

TH331 The Theology of John Wesley

This course focuses upon the distinct theological contributions of John Wesley to the larger Christian tradition. It integrates theology and the practice of ministry by showing the impact of Wesley’s theology on his ministry and indicating the relevance of the Wesleyan paradigm for the contemporary church.

TH332 Confronting the Cults (3)

This course is a study of the major cults which are being propagated in our world: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Latter Day Saints, Christian Science, Seventh-Day Adventists, Students of Unity and Spiritualists.  We will evaluate each cult taking in its history, founder, beliefs, and theology.  Then we hope to contrast each one with scriptural proof of the text.  We will look at the way Christians ought to deal with them, remembering that they also have a soul.  We will look at the Word in order to counteract their theology because arguments cannot win a cult only God can.

TH431 Old Testament Theology (3)

This course lays the foundation for the main theological themes of the Old Testament study by providing a window into the historical, cultural and geographical background, the literary and theological content and the practical relevance of the Old Testament.  The goal is to provide the information and tools which will enable the students to experience the theology of the Old Testament throughout their lives through a three-dimensional reading.  The students will not only grapple with the theological content of these books, but also with the methods for interpreting them in a modern context and contextualizing them in everyday life and ministry.

TH432 New Testament Theology (3)

This course is designed to provide a study of the history and methods of biblical theology and examination of the major theological themes of the principal New Testament writers in the light of their historical backgrounds. It will also provide each student the opportunity to thoughtfully reflect upon the academic and spiritual dimensions of many of the central themes in the New Testament writings.

PH431 Philosophy of Religion (3)

A philosophical study of the concepts on which the Christian religion relies, as well as the claims it makes. Philosophical method is introduced and employed in exploring the coherence of Christian affirmations and the arguments for them

TH432 Contemporary Theological Trends (3)

This course is designed to give basic introduction to, and survey of, the broad fields of twentieth century theology.  Certain theologians are selected in order to study their contributions and influence on contemporary theological thinking.