General Education Courses

GE132 Introduction to Sociology (3)

This course is a study of sociological concepts and social institutions with an emphasis on social problems and social and cultural change.  The course is taught within the context of Christian responsibility and social action.

GE131 English (3)

This course is designed to strengthen the student’s grasp of English as a main communicative tool, whether written or spoken. The course also takes the students through an array of activities or exercises that focus on knowledge of language rules and use. These learning activities are intended to stimulate listening, speaking, reading and writing. The student who successfully completes this course should be able to use the Caribbean Standard English and show language growth in his or her ability to communicate effectively/proficiently in a variety of contexts to accomplish different purposes

GE231 Use of English (3)

This course considers all aspects of use of English: linguistic and non-linguistic, to clarify communication principles.  Focus will be on the development of advanced competencies in Standard English and on showing an appreciation of the linguistic diversity of the Caribbean.  Also important is the role of technology in the enhancement or retardation of communication.

GEAW132 Academic Writing and Research (3)

This is an advanced course in English composition.  Writing of various types of essays, news articles, letters and research papers are included.  Good content and a mastery of the fundamental mechanics of writing are stressed giving consideration to proper documentation.  It also includes an introduction to scientific research including the method, instruments, types and process of research.

GE PSY132 Introduction to Psychology (3)

This is an introductory course designed for the first year student.  The goal of the course is to introduce the student to psychology’s theoretical perspectives, its methods of research, and its main concepts and insights.  The contents of the course will also include a survey of psychology’s various subfields.

GESP 132 Speech and Communication (3)

This is a basic course in the theory and practice of public speaking to introduce the students to dynamic components of speech communication and provide experience in reason, construction, and presentation of speeches.

GE431 Research Methodology 1 (3)

This course introduces the students to the fundamental concepts, principles, and processes used in conducting research.  The course is also designed to assist students to understand and apply basic skills and knowledge applicable in the process of conducting research.

GE 432 Research Methodology II (2)

This course is divided into 14 units to introduce students to the various methods of conducting meaningful inquiry and research.  Students will get the opportunity to be more aware of the knowledge and skills required to assess research, develop and conduct their own research projects.