Christian Education Courses

CE131 Introduction to Christian Education (3)

This course provides an introduction to the educational ministries of the local church and the broader church context. Special attention is given to ministry foundations, the teaching/learning process, developmental needs of learners, and the organization and design of Christian education ministries building upon the broad historical, theological and philosophical bases for Christian ministry.

CE431 Child Evangelism (3)

This course examines the potential and needs of children in contemporary society, the biblical perspectives on children and how they are involved in the faith community. It takes into consideration the characteristics of the child’s physical, psychosocial, cognitive, moral, and faith development, while exploring the ministries the church can provide to help evangelize and disciple children in the faith community

CE432 Youth Ministries and Adult Ministries (3)

This course explores a variety of theoretical models that provide a general understanding of the needs of the individual as a youth and/or an adult, the various phases of development, and the challenges involved in ministering to each. This class considers how the socio-cultural context has led to re-conceptualization about what constitutes development in the adult years. Consideration will be given to the various ways churches and faith-based organizations are attempting to meet these challenges.

CE231 Principles and Methods of Teaching (3)

This course is designed to explore the strategies governing the teaching/learning process and the methods used to convey biblical truth  in the lesson plan, the classroom setting, and the teacher/student relationship.  The students will learn how the different stages in human development and different learning styles impact

both the learner and the teacher, as well as how they as teachers can use this knowledge to

be effective teachers in the classroom.  Prerequisite: CE131 Introduction to Christian Education.

CE 232 History and Philosophy of Christian Education (3)


This course examines the people and thought patterns that have significantly affected and continue to influence the development of an evangelical philosophy of education.

CEFL332 Family Life Education (2)

This course is designed to study the relationship of the church to the home as it explores the sociological, psychological and spiritual dynamics of family life and its relation to ministry. Special attention is given to the current issues and contemporary threats to family life and the emerging needs of the family in general and the Caribbean family in particular with the unique challenges that are present for ministry possibilities

CECD332 Introduction to Curriculum Development (3)

This course will explore the process of curriculum development and design, and principles for selecting curriculum resources to meet the needs of learners and of the church. Students will grow in their understanding of the church as curriculum and develop skills in curriculum design, writing, and the criteria based evaluation and selection of resources for comprehensive Christian discipleship in the local church.

Prerequisite: CE131 Introduction to Christian Education I.