Application Forms

Application forms and information are obtainable from the Academic Office of the College, Torrington, Westmoreland, Jamaica on weekdays from 9:00 a.m.3:45 p.m.; mailing address P.O. Box 17, Savanna la mar, Westmoreland; E-mail: cwcjamaica@yahoo.comand on the website:

When to Apply


Application for admission should be made early so that necessary arrangements for entry may take place in due time. July15 is the last day for application for the Fall Semester and December 1 is the last day for application for the Spring Semester.  Applicants are strongly urged to consult with their pastor about their intention to study at the College, and to obtain the necessary forms in good time.



How To Apply


The relevant completed Forms are to be returned to the Admissions Office, Caribbean Wesleyan College, PO Box 17, Savanna la mar, Jamaica W.I. or

Application Fee and Submission

A non-refundable US$10.00 (or its equivalent) application fee, a medical form, a 700-word

composition on the applicant’s conversion and call to the ministry, and a recent passport-size

picture of the applicant should be enclosed with the other relevant forms.

Relevant Documents

  1. Application form
  1. School RecordAn official transcript from the secondary school and any other educational institutions the applicant has attended are to be mailed directly to the College from the institution(s). A non-traditional student may be admitted without a high-school transcript.

if he/she has acceptable evidence of the required passes in GCE O’level or CXC General level.

3.Reference Forms: All applicants are to have the two appropriate reference forms duly

completed—one by the applicant’s pastor and the other by a community leader- church or

otherwise.  All forms must be received in order to make an admission evaluation.

  1. Proof of Financial Support: All applicants are to submit evidence that there are enough

funds available to cover at least the first year of study. Evidence should be submitted in

the form of an official bank statement, or other documents of the kind. Sponsors will need

to sign an affidavit of sponsorship, confirming their commitment to support the applicant.

The letter must be notarized.

  1. Official birth certificatethe original and a copy are required.


After all the application forms have been processed, the applicant will be interviewed by the Admissions Committee. For the applicant outside of Jamaica, the College usually requests the District Superintendent and his Board to conduct the interview and make recommendation/report to the college. For an early applicant, the College will arrange an early interview.

Other Requirements

  1. At least two years of exemplary Christian life in his/her local church.


  1. Minimum Five passes in CXC General level Grades 1-3 or GCE ‘O’ level including English and Mathematics; students with fewer may be considered on probation if they have a clear call to Christian ministry; original documents are needed. They will however be required to have all 5 passes before entering their third year of studies.


  1. Entrance Tests: Each first year student will be required to do a diagnostic test whether or not his/her first language is English. The student who has failed this test will be required to pursue a non-accredited course in Basic English (GE101). The student must also do a Bible Content examination and a Spiritual Gift Assessment, which will be the basis of the Spiritual Formation program and the course, Vocation for Ministry.


In addition to the above, if English is not the first language the applicant must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL*),. An official score report must be forwarded to the College before an admission decision can be reached. The minimum acceptable score for admission to the College is 500*TOEFL, administered by the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA. On a “limited space” basis, CWC may provisionally accept a student who is not able to take the TOEFL test provided that the student can demonstrate adequate knowledge of English.

Mature Entry


The College may accept up to 10% of the entering cohort of students under “mature matriculation”. Applicants must usually be over 30years, and must present a written statement from their superior attesting to their aptitude for and commitment to full-time ministry and/or period of involvement in ministry. Assessment will be done through means like portfolios, statement of learning, and written references. Accepted persons will be given a year to demonstrate their capability.


The College welcomes students who, because of work or other constraints, cannot study full time. They will normally take a longer time to complete, depending on how they can fit into the college schedule

Applicants with an Associate degree from CWC or comparable accredited equivalent not older than 5 years will be accepted into the Bachelor’s Degree program.

A student who has attended CWC, leaves and wishes to return must write a letter requesting re-admission,  and accompany it with relevant recommendation from his/her pastor or Ministerial superior.

Students who wish to transfer from another Theological College or Seminary to CWC are welcome. They are required to apply for consideration by completing a “Transcript Petition” form. They must also request that official transcripts be sent from the Institution(s) whose courses are to be used, and a Christian character reference/recommendation. These will be needed as part of the decision-making process, which also includes an interview.

The student:

(i) must satisfy normal matriculation and admission requirements (as stated above)

(ii) should be in attendance at the sending institution up to the end of the semester preceding expected

entry, or not more than one semester out of school.

(iii)will complete all requirements of the accepting college, i.e. CWC


When the above requirements are satisfied, an assessment will be done, and the student will be advised either: accepted to continue at the level determined OR not accepted.



Students may be excused from a course because it is felt they did a similar course at an accredited institution or with an accredited examining body, and are at an acceptable level, conversant with the degree being pursued. This is referred to as an “EXEMPTION”, and the student is given an “ADVANCED CREDIT”(A/Cr.)for the course, on the following basis:

(i)  the grading system used by the institution, the length of the course, and the course

description must be similar to CWC’s

(ii) the course accepted for exemption cannot be more than 5 years old 

(iii) grades are not awarded; the course is listed, with the designation, A/Cr, and the hours added to the student’s total credit hours.

Caribbean Wesleyan College encourages individuals over 25 years with a diploma or certificates in Theology/Christian Education and at least three years in full-time ministry, to enroll and up-grade their qualification to a first degree. They earn credits based on the programme previously pursued, and complete the needed credits within a two-year period.

Applicants need the same documents as regular applicants (1-5, “How to Apply”), except that the composition required will state why they want to up-grade -500 words –  and they need only one reference from their District/Territorial Leader.

Acceptance is based on the following:

  1. i) They must satisfy the regular criteria for matriculation and admission
  2. ii) The institution(s) where they previously studied will provide an official transcript, which

Will be assessed against the requirements of the degree being considered

iii) They are in good standing with their Christian commitment


An assessment of the previous program will be done, and if deemed satisfactory, the student will be allowed to matriculate and take the requisite courses to complete the new programme.

However, no continuing student will be allowed to do less than 30 hours.

First year students are required to participate in an orientation period at the beginning of the first semester, a few days before actual classes begin. This program is designed to acquaint students with college life, the library, and general expectations of the institution. Students are guided into entrance tests, and are introduced to their residence and batch mates.


Returning students usually need to set aside time also for brief sessions with administration during this period.


ALL students must participate in a period of registration, during which they will settle financial matters, receive academic advisement, finalize courses and complete outstanding matters re application requirements. Returning students are responsible to pre-register at the in-semester time announced and displayed on notice board; then finalizes registration at the time appointed at least 1 week before actual classes begin. Late registration for returning students will attract a fee of $ 1500.00.

The student’s choice of courses, once made, is expected to be permanent for the semester. A change may be allowed during the first two weeks of the Semester, or the second day of the intensive, ONLY with the permission of the Academic Dean after discussion.