Fees and Expenses

Caribbean Wesleyan College endeavors to offer quality education and theological preparation for all its students at an affordable cost. As a private institution owned and operated by the Wesleyan Holiness Church, CWC receives no support from government or public funds. For the financing of its budgets the college therefore, depends on student fees, and financial support and assistance from the Wesleyan Holiness Church Districts, individual church members, friends and concerned Christian individuals and organizations.

Current Fees and Charges

All fees are quoted in United States dollars  

  1. Tuition – $100.00 per credit/hour
  2. Accommodation – $1,000.00 per annum
  3. Meals – $2,856.00 per annum   [Optional for Students not residing on Campus]
  4. Library and Computer Use           $50.00

5 Registration Fee                            $10.00   Non-refundable annual

  1. Application Fee                             $10.00   Non-refundable one-off
  2. Books – sold at college office      $300.00 – 400.00* — estimated cost

      Intensives: The two-week period spent doing intensives is considered part of the semester, therefore does not attract additional tuition fees.

   Late registration fee: one week after the start of semester will attract an additional US$10.00

Payment Policies

Fees and charges for each academic year are due and payable in full by registration. Students with financial aid assistance or scholarships should present proof and full documentation of such program of assistance by the time of registration.

Students who are unable to make full payment at registration must arrange a payment plan with the College; such payment arrangements will be documented and the student and his/her guarantor (if applicable) will be required to sign the agreement.

Fees and charges are subject to change. However, the fees and charges applicable at the start of the academic year will remain the same for the duration of that academic year despite any change in the general structure of fees and charges.

All financial obligations must be cleared before participation in graduation activities is permitted (i.e. before the end of March).

Refund Policy

Caribbean Wesleyan College policy on refund is governed by the following principles and is applicable to all students in all programmes.

  1. If a student withdraws from the institution on or before the first day of classes, or fails to begin classes, the refund shall equal the sum of all amounts paid or to be paid by or on behalf of the student for the period of enrollment, less processing, application and registration fees.
  2. If after classes have commenced and before expiration of ten percent (10%) of the period of enrollment for which he or she was charged, a student withdraws, drops out, is discontinued, or otherwise fails to attend classes, the refund shall equal our 2 week prorated amount of eighty percent (80%) of all amounts paid or to be paid by or on behalf of the student for the period, less processing, application and registration fees.
  3. If after expiration of the ten percent (10%) of the period of enrollment for which he or she was charged and before expiration of twenty-five percent (25%) of the period, a student withdraws, drops out, is discontinued, or otherwise fails to attend classes, the refund shall equal our 4 week prorated amount of forty percent (40%) of all amounts paid or to be paid by or on behalf of the student for the period, less a processing, application and registration fees
  4. If after expiration of twenty-five (25%) of the period of enrollment for which he or she was charged, a student withdraws, drops out, is discontinued, or otherwise fails to attend classes, the student may not be deemed obligated for refund.


When computing refunds, the last day of attendance for a student shall be one of the following:

  1. a) The date on the discontinuation notice if a student is discontinued from the institution; or
  2. b) The date the institution receives a written notice (including a signed withdrawal form) of withdrawal from the student; or
  3. c) When no written notice of withdrawal is given, the institution shall use the last day of attendance as the date of withdrawal; or
  4. d) Fails to return from an approved medical leave.

Delinquent Student’s Accounts

If  a student’s account falls into arrears the College reserves the right to notify the local church or district of the Wesleyan Holiness Church to which he/she is associated, or the Church or denomination if the student is not a Wesleyan, or to seek assistance for payment and take such other action as the College considers appropriate. 

All amounts that are 60 days past due will be assessed a 1% (12% APR) finance charge per month on any outstanding balance with the College. This finance charge will be added to the student’s account and will be a first charge on any amounts due to CWC on the student’s account. The finance charge will be payable in accordance with the regular payment policy or as otherwise arranged with the Administrative Office.

If a payment on a student’s account is 90 days past due, the College reserves the right to notify the student or the guarantor or other personnel responsible for the student’s tuition and require them to make immediate payment of the full amount or come into the office to discuss arrangements for payment. If payment is not made or if a suitable arrangement is not made for early payment, the student may be suspended until the payment is made. 

The College reserves the right to share information with any appropriate persons or organizations which in its sole discretion is considered to be able to assist with the collection of delinquent accounts.


All students who do not commute from home are required to live in college-owned housing, presently, on campus. Rooms are planned for double occupancy, and are assigned by the Matron. They are supplied with furniture, stove, refrigerator; students will provide their own linen and decorative articles. Students are financially liable for any damage to rooms or furnishings.

All campus students are required to have lunch on week-days in the college dining room in the group/family arrangement set by the college. Students with proven extreme eating problems may be considered for exemption; request must be made at the beginning of the semester.

Resident students are required to take up residence at least two days before term is scheduled to begin, and leave campus for home by the fourth day after term closes. Any variation must get prior permission from the President through the Matron and Dean of Students.

Release of Student Records/Documents

Each student is issued a Semester Grade Report in the early part of the semester following classes, as long as fees are paid; it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all information thereon is correct.

Official Transcripts and Diplomas are available to students at least 10-12 weeks after graduation, once all requirements have been duly satisfied. However, should these be required sooner than the time specified, the student will be granted a status letter which can be used in lieu of the documents requested.

A student shall not receive an official transcript, certificate, or diploma until all accounts (current or otherwise) have been settled in accordance with CWC policies.


Caribbean Wesleyan College endeavours to offer quality theological education at an affordable cost to those whom God has called to full time ministry. In order to assist students in need of financial assistance the College seeks to develop a programme of Financial Aid, Sponsorships and Scholarships through a cadre of Organizations and Concerned Persons.

Efforts are made to identify funds, but funds are usually limited; therefore, students are encouraged to inform their Local Churches and their leaders of their desire to attend CWC in order to secure their assistance in finding the necessary funds to cover the cost of their education.

CWC will always seek to establish scholarships and other financial aid that will be awarded according to the wishes of the donors. Recipients will be selected on the basis of academic achievement at CWC, aptitude for ministry, and financial need. Please contact the administrative office for additional information.


Below are the current grants, awards and scholarships that are available:

Wesleyan Ministerial Grant

All Wesleyan students will receive a tuition grant of $25.00 US/per credit hour, and 25% per year discounted

Papine Wesleyan Holiness Church Scholarship

A full scholarship available to a member of Papine Wesleyan Holiness Church pursuing the Associate or Bachelor’s degree programme of his/her choice in preparation for ministry in the Wesleyan Holiness Church, Eastern Jamaica District. The scholarship is for the duration of the programme, maximum four years, but is renewable annually on the basis of academic performance, conduct, and Christian character.

 Paul & Ruth Ueki Award for Excellence in Ministry and Scholarship

Reverend Paul and Ruth Ueki served Caribbean Wesleyan College for over 20 years. During that time, they demonstrated to all what it means to live a life of complete surrender to God, unwavering obedience to his call, complete devotion to the ministry, a deep love for others, and unmatched commitment to scholarship. Caribbean Wesleyan College has taken the initiative to establish this award to honor and thank Reverend Paul and Ruth Ueki and their children for the many sacrifices they made in order to help further the work of God in the Caribbean and beyond. This award comes in the form of a monetary gift that will be used to help the recipient purchase books for his or her personal library.

In the context of the new Bachelor of Arts programs, this award is designed to give recognition to a student who displays excellence in full-time ministry while completing and excelling in his or her studies at CWC.

Dr. Karlene Graham-Daley Memorial Scholarship Fund


This scholarship valued at J$60,000 annually, will be administered through the Western Jamaica District Wesleyan Youth Department. The fund should be used for tuition cost in the first instance, and any excess can be applied to accommodation then books. The scholarship is for the duration of the programme, maximum four years, but is renewable annually on the basis of academic performance, and sound Christian character


Other Requirements:

Recipients of the Scholarship must be Wesleyan students who have served the youths of the Western Jamaica District to varying extents.

Must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 and above